Financial Statement

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Financial Statement

Postby connick » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:40 pm

Fellow Citizens of Crossroads,

There is much speculation and debate about our current state and our future plans as a nation.

Let me assure you that, based on a careful assessment of our local financial situation, we are not in any debt. The costs of the Drimm Dar'eth Memorial Highway are being addressed through strategic negotiation and allocation of resources. Everyone who contributed to the building of this road will be adequately compensated.

As I've mentioned before, there have been many plans put forward and all are worthy of consideration. I urge all of our ambitious citizens to contact me about their plans so that the best resources are available to achieve the best results.

This message is not intended to dissuade anyone from achieving their goals but to assuage them of concerns about our financial solubility.

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