Wolfrunners flyer- New Products!

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Wolfrunners flyer- New Products!

Postby Arradon Annor » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:24 pm


Wolfrunners is pleased to announce that the Production Guild has been hard at work producing fantastic new designs, and very useful goods for your adventures. Wolfrunners will be open for business during the first afternoon of the upcoming rise in front of the tavern. All of these goods are limited in quantity for now, but more can be made by placing orders through Arradon Annor. Prices are subject to change. Bulk orders are possible. This isn’t even the full list of crafts that are able to be produced, and more are being discovered all the time. Your local craftsmen and merchants thank you for your support.

Adaptive Tincture -25
Be the elf you always wanted to be. Ears not included.
When imbibed the drinker of this tincture loses 1 BP and immediately gains 1 resettable AP until the end of the next reset. The drinker's MAX BP is also reduced by 1 until the end of the next reset.

Heal Living Tincture -10
I feel better already.
Instantly heals one point of damage (1 Heal Living).

Improved Healing Tincture -10
Can’t hurt.
Cause the imbiber to heal 1 additional point the next time they are healed by any means

Improve Toxin Resistance Tincture -10
If you're running a bit low on constitution.
Tincture to cause the next use of Resist Toxin to cost 1 AP less than normal to a minmum of 1 AP.

Irritation Salve -10
And you though morning Karo-ya were irritating.
Salve which will cause target to RP itchiness for 1 minute.

Minor Harming Oil -15
For getting at those hard to reach vital organs.
When applied to a blade it causes the next strike to cut through any armor. Takes one minute to apply.

Sleeping Tincture -25
Good for a quick nap.
Instantly causes the imbiber to be affected by a Level 1 Sleep Toxin effect for five minutes.

Slowing Salve -15
Make the moment last.
When applied to living creature this causes the Slow effect for one minute, takes one minute to apply.

Smelling Salt -20
Wake up and smell the burning nostrils.
Smelling Salts allow the user to rouse a sleeping or unconscious person, removing the Sleep effect.

Wayfinding Potion -10
Find your way to where you shouldn’t be.
Gain one use of the Troubleshooting Skill to be used by the end of the reset.

Deadly tincture-35
Wolfrunners is not legally or morally responsible for any damages or crimes associated with any purchase or any customer.
When ingested this tincture causes the Mortal effect after a one-minute onset.

Imitation Undeath Extract -60
All the perks of undeath, without the hassle of dying.
When imbibed the drinker is treated as though they were undead for all healing and harm effects until the end of the current reset, and if the drinker is living, they are no longer affected by heal/harm living.

Ingested fatal poison -40
Caution: Cherry flavored.
Level 2 ingested fatal poison.

Mend Armor Glue -70
Fix your own damn armor for once.
Applying this glue to broken armor will mend the armor to offer full protection. Requires five minutes to apply.

Metal Weakening Salve -20
Definitely probably doesn't work on Locke. Great for honor duels.
Salve which when applied to metal makes it incredibly easy to break with a hammer or probably even a sword.

Mortal blade oil -50
Go out and kill somebody, and their friend.
Two swings of mortal.

Mortal gas toxin -50
Deadly gas. No, really though.
Packet deliver "Mortal Gas Toxin".

Foot Trap -15
Just the thing for trapping feet.
Thrown packet attack that Binds target's foot to the ground.

Agile Regeneration Tincture -20
Walk it off.
The imbiber regenerates 1 body point per minute for 5 minutes. The effect ends if the user stops moving within those 5 minutes. No other skills can be used during this time.

Salve of Magical Protection -40
Fireball, Shmireball.
This salve grants the recipient a magic shield. The recipient may choose when to activate the shield. Lasts until the end of the current reset.

Magic Shielding Salve -45
Nope, and nope.
This salve grants the recipient 2 magic shields, these must be used on the next two "Magic" effects which hit them. Lasts until the end of the current reset.

Silence Gas -30
Have the final word... in any argument.
Silence Gas renders the target unable to form words for 1 minute. Packet delivered "Silence Gas Toxin.
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