Winter Month Blood Drives

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Winter Month Blood Drives

Postby Dax » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:45 pm

[A simple flier is posted on the tavern wall.]

[The flier reads:


We, Doctor Daxarien Thornhallow, would like to announce that We shall be holding a Blood Drive once again on the first day of the coming month as well as the first of each of the Winter Months with the exception of the Month prior to the First Rise of the coming year. We hope you all noted the announcement We made to the town at the most recent Rise of the star Terres but to be sure We would like to make a formal announcement. The combined surgical talents of Lyndi Thorn, Guild Mistress of the Healers Guild of Crossroads, and ourselves are quite formidable but not infallible. Often, by Lord Death's will, we are able to aid many of the towns members when they find themselves at the precipice of Our Lord's domain. This said We wish to be better prepared for these situations but We need your help to do so.

Thus We are calling upon all of you to aid us as best you can by the donation of your very lifeblood. The process of donating is quick and relatively painless. We will draw as many vials of blood as you are willing to give though you will find your body weakened by a proportionate amount until you can fully recover over a month’s time. Any and all donations shall be greatly appreciated and shall be for the benefit of the town in the Rises to come. In particular need is the blood of Haroc, Dagon, Elves, Mystics, Ritikans, and the intelligent Undead. Donations by Humans and Wyldings are also appreciated though of these races we have a somewhat more substantial supply. It is only through your willing donation that we may be prepared for the year to come.

Thus We ask you to donate as much and as often as you can. We know that for many of you find the winter months quite busy, as we ourselves often do. But We ask that if you can spare a day each month that you do so that We may be the most prepared that We can be. With this in mind We shall be forgoing the month prior to the first Rise of the year that all in the town may find themselves at their utmost capacity for the events that may occur while the Star is in the sky. With any luck We shall receive donations such that We need not ask for further donations until the next years winter.

May our Lord look kindly upon you,
Daxarien Thornhollow]

[OOG: You can donate up to your max BP-1. It takes one month to recover from donating blood, please specify how many vials you are donating in your timeblock.]
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