Scholarly Investigations in the Dynamics of Magical Energy.

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Scholarly Investigations in the Dynamics of Magical Energy.

Postby Locke Tannen » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:08 pm

Hello All,

I am currently studying the dynamics of magical energy in hopes of establishing a relationship of cause and effect between many historical and ecological events within Ashriya and the state of magical equilibrium within Ashriya. To that end, I have many questions that I believe would be invaluable pieces in this puzzle I struggle yet to make whole.

Any whom might be in possession of answers, or know of others who might, is encouraged to share that information here.

Why did magical energy being displaced from Derrickham cause the breaking? and how?
Any information on the star of Terres and it's relationship to magical energy.
What things DO and DO NOT happen when the star isn’t in the sky?
If magical energy is used up in the transmutation process (the casting of spells), where is it COMING from?
Where do the Kriddick originate from?
Where did the Glibben go?
Does anyone know of a Glibben who returned after going wherever they went after the breaking?
Does anyone know WHY the Glibben left?

Thank you very much for your attention to this notice. Any information towards answering these questions will be of great utility towards a scientific understanding of the mechanics of magical casting and the energy dynamics that make it possible.

-Locke Tannen
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