Magic and you, a course on magic and theory.

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Magic and you, a course on magic and theory.

Postby Arcturius » Tue May 22, 2018 6:59 am

This is posted at the tavern.

All citizens of Derrickham and others passing through the area, on Saturday morning of this up coming rise I, Arcturius Ladison, will be holding a lecture on magic and related theory for all who wish to listen and put forth their own theories. I shall also be theaching all those who wish to learn the magic header how to bring forth the power of Aradia's gift and if they so desire a private lesson on a school of magic that they wish to learn. This is not only for the citizens of crossroads but is open to those who wish to learn magic regardless of affiliation, I only ask that you think on why you wish to learn and be ready to answer.

Until the next rise,
Arcturius Ladison
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