Name your Stakes

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Name your Stakes

Postby Inumate » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:33 pm

Greetings Fellow Road-Crossers!

Next rise, Solapse and I will be holding a rite to Jarro on Friday night, wherein you may make an Oath of Daring. In exchange, you may play a game of chance of your choice against Solapse or I, and you may name your stakes (up to 50 drake). This offer extends to the 10 participants with the boldest oaths, and the game you choose must truly be determined by chance, though the odds need not be completely even.

What is an Oath of Daring?

It's an oath to consistently take risks that you wouldn't normally take for the duration of the rise. We only ask that you take risks that are productive, such as always coming to the aid of allies that are being delivered to death or speaking up when you have knowledge that could save lives.

Should your oath be particularly daring & stylish, I may even accept a wager of 100 drake.

May our Roads Cross again,
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