Need coin? Have too much? Wolfrunners has you covered!

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Need coin? Have too much? Wolfrunners has you covered!

Postby Arradon Annor » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:52 am

Didn't get a chance to sell your acquisitions during the rise? Did you find some items in that last cave you explored before Terres fell? Do you simply want to return to Crossroads with a little more money in the bank?

Wolfrunners is pleased to announce that we will now sell your goods in between rises! Just come spend a day with me and we'll do some paperwork- I will then sell your items and deposit your drake in your account, and it'll be ready to burn at the bar when we all gather again!

I will also hunt for goods you desire per usual, of course- your local merchant works for YOU, Crossroads! Contact me if you want to do business!


~Arradon Annor
Purveyor, Wolfrunners Trading Co.
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