Need drake? Find me!

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Need drake? Find me!

Postby Arradon Annor » Wed May 22, 2019 8:04 am


Just a general reminder that Wolfrunners is happy to offer you a fair deal for just about anything you find in your adventures! Your component sales do wonders to supply the efforts of the town Guilds, so next time your pockets are too full, consider us!

I personally am always in need of certain components for my weaponsmithing, and will offer competitive pricing for these particular components. I implore you to consider selling these to me if found- I use them to perforate our enemies!

Flint: 6 drake
Iron: 6 drake
Granite: 6 drake
Whetstone: 8 drake
Sapphire: face value +1 drake

Purveyor, Wolfrunners Trading Company
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