FAQ: Registration, Timeblocks, Deadlines, & Discounts

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FAQ: Registration, Timeblocks, Deadlines, & Discounts

Postby Tim-Director » Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:00 pm

* Event Cost: $90.00 at the door, $75.00 if registered and paid prior to the Sunday before event.
* First time Players: $50.00
* Players who register and pay prior to the Sunday before event receive 50 Karma when they arrive at the event (in addition to the discount above).
* Players who preregister on the website receive 50 Karma when they arrive at the event.
First time users can find registration instructions here
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HHF ... sp=sharing
If you have already registered in the past visit https://mycrossroads.terresrising.com/events
* Character updates must be done one week prior to the event.
* If you cannot attend an event, you can pay, prior to the next event, the discounted rate of $50.00 for 1 SP, and free timeblocks for that event.

* Payment can be made by check or cash. Email directors@terresrising.com for details.
* Payments can also be made though PayPal payment to directors@terresrising.com.
* Payment can be deferred, by use of Karma. Email directors@terresrising.com for details.

* Anyone who attended the prior event may submit timeblocks to characters@terresrising.com.
* You must use the form located here: http://www.terresrising.com/events/timeblocks

* All character updates must be submitted to characters@terresrising.com, at least one week prior to the event.

You will receive 100 karma for each new player or grunt that you bring to an event. The new player or grunt must tell us that you referred them, when they pay for the event or check-in. Players who have referred a total of 5 new players (cumulative, not one event), who pay for an event, will receive a free event, or 500 karma, your choice.

If a group of five (or more) people pre-register and pre-pay, they will EACH receive a $5 discount.
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