The Future of Terres Rising

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The Future of Terres Rising

Postby Director Eric » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:45 am

As most of you know, Terres Rising celebrates its 20th year this year! It is a major milestone that shows the strength of all of our players and staff, past and present. Over the years, Terres Rising has adapted and changed to meet any challenges that arose. T1 became T2, moving from one world to another. The Breaking shook the world (and changed the rules). Once again, Terres Rising is preparing to change the game as T2 makes way for T3!

The last two events of 2019 (August 23rd-25th and September 27th-29th) will be the final two events for T2 before making way for T3. Current player characters will not be moving with the game, so we would like to do the best we can to give our players satisfying endings to the characters they have brought to life in our world.

To that end, we will not be offering Summer Timeblocks, so that we can focus on preparing for these final two events. We also ask that players pre-register as soon as possible for both of these events, but by August 1st at the latest. This will allow us time to plot out a defining climax for your character. Priority will be given to those who register early, though we will endeavour to provide satisfying personal plots to all who attend either event.

To provide a strong finale for T2, we would welcome anyone willing to spend a portion or all of the September event as an NPC to help us end on a high note. If you wish to NPC, but have a PC whose story you would like to bring closure to, we will gladly provide a focus to your personalized story in the August event.

With all this talk of the end of T2, we’re sure you’re curious about T3. We are looking at major changes to game management, rules, and game environment. The new iteration of Terres Rising will be run by Kyle Bach as Creative Director, Mike Bach as Systems Director, and Timothy Wan as Event Director. Joining the Terres staff will be new members who have an extensive history with the game and its world including Mike Delauri, Tony Gattuso, Sean Murphy, and Alex Yee.

While the world is changing, it will still be the high fantasy setting of Ashriya that you know and love, just set in a different time in our beloved Crossroads. All players will be starting as new characters on a level playing field with a large-scale rules rewrite. (Don’t worry! Karma is awarded to the player, not the character, and will carry over!)To make sure the world is ready to welcome you with open arms, we will be taking a hiatus to restructure and reorganize with a target to relaunch in the Spring of 2021. We can’t wait to welcome you back! Stay tuned for more details and updates!
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