What comes next? Share your stories and Head Canons!

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What comes next? Share your stories and Head Canons!

Postby Merry » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:57 pm

Helllllooooooo Terres fam. I have often daydreamed about what might be going on in Ashriya since we all parted ways. Allowing that I'm not the only one who still haunts the forums, I thought it would be fun to see if anyone wanted to share some imagination.

What do you think is going on with your character or anywhere in the world of Terres? Of course this is just a thought exercise and no true Canon for T3 will be harmed in the making of this feature. Here's just a few of my own though I'm sure I could on for days.


Thousands of Fiddys thralls wake up from control. With infrastructure in shambles and so many unable to pick up where they left off, poverty befalls large swaths of the East. Bandit colony's force a mass migration where refugees are taken in by the army of Craigor. Many make their way into Ashriya where the population boom in time creates economic growth in the Eastern most settlements. Sir Agrue strikes out with a battalion to quell the violent cohorts in the east. He becomes a folk hero to many and his legends are passed down through the generations and regime of the East that is now arising.

Some of the Haroc come down from the Dragons Maw and return to find Daboran overrun by a goldrush settlement of treasure hunters. A violent conflict ensues with the strength of the Haroc beseiging the Ritika engineers of war backed by excevated riches. Few remain when it is over, and Daboran becomes largely a ghost town once again.

The Western Alliance remains in tact. Many of the embassadors that represent at Alliance summits are former defenders of crossroads and the west during the Eastern Invasion. Queen Peruna brings the summits. She incites a movement to empower the blessings of Simone and plant lush farms and wilderness across the continent. As the land flourishes, The Gardens in Derrickham take on a life if it's own. Overgrowing with enchanting wildflowers and fruit trees of all description which weave themselvesinto trellases and topiary. Peruna knows Simone is pleased, and consecrates this place as holy ground.

Wolf Runners ramps up trade and reaches across the land and beyond. Between Ariom's rule bringing peace back to Sarth and Tiah becoming the head of Family Annor, quality of life improves with the export and availability of fine goods. Each year Tiah funds The Harvest Moon Market Festival for Quellsvart drawing travelers from across the land. Revelry presides over the gathering and it is the highlight of many years to come in Ashriya.
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