Welcome to Terres Rising!

Terres Rising is a live action role playing game set in a medieval-style fantasy world known as Ashriya. The star Terres rises in the sky approximately 4 or 5 times a year and it is well known that great events occur at these times. The time of Terres Rising is when we gather to witness the events that occur in the town of Crossroads, in the world of Ashriya. We welcome you into our world, and hope to have you join us for many enjoyable events.

Welcome to Crossroads. For your own reasons, this is where you have chosen to live. Perhaps the hustle and bustle of the big cities left you feeling drained. Or maybe their politics didn't agree with you. The smaller towns may have been nice, but you are looking for more excitement and adventure in your life. Maybe the monotony of working day in and day out had you wanting something more. Farming and the responsibilities that come with it didn't leave you enough time to pursue the things that interested you. Maybe you're just waiting to get hired on to the next trade caravan that comes through, or you've decided this would be an ideal location to set-up your own business ventures. Whatever your reasoning is, this is where you are.

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