All throughout Ashriya, a common currency is used for any required business, both public and private. While each of the cities and towns across the land may mint their own coinage or cut their own gems, there is more or less a consistent value among them. The actual metal composition of the coins varies by each maker, though they do not use much of any precious metals in order to mint them and they use different metal alloys to produce similar coins to the other mints.

Three basic coins are used, the value of each being enumerated in "drake." The base coin is valued at one drake and is known as a "copper wyrm." The next coin is a "silver serpent," valued at five drake. Lastly, there is the "gold dragon" valued at ten drake.

Gems are also used for trade throughout Ashriya. Gems are mostly used for larger purchases and for trade.

Below is a listing of the different currencies commonly used.

NameCommon name(s)Value (Drake)
Copper Wyrmdrake, copper, wyrm1
Silver Serpentserpent, silver5
Gold Dragondragon, gold10

Common name(s)ColorValue (Drake)
Amber/TopazYellow or Orange1
AmethystPink or Purple35
Dragon's TearLarge Clear500

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