The table below shows the time it takes to travel from Crossroads, at the heart of the Greenwood Republic, to other towns, cities and settlements across Ashriya. The travel times listed indicate the time it takes to travel by foot.

White Flower0 days
The Garden1 day
Keepton1 day
Bastion3 days
Montero4 days

Krasslig11 days
Barulis12 days
Singo12 days
Lochlis, Syrranak12 days
Sharolia14 days
Jast18 days
Ardebon, Syrranak24 days
Necropolis26 days
Daboran28 days

Horse, carriage or caravan travel may also be possible, though these are only possible after leaving Greenwood at either Bastion or Montero, as horses typically refuse to enter the forest.

Renting a horse from Bastion or Montero costs 20 Drake per month, and will reduce the amount of time it takes to travel from Bastion/Montero to other locations outside of Greenwood by half (round down). For example, if you wish to travel to Barulis (which normally takes 12 days total), you may spend 4 days traveling to Montero, rent a horse for 20 Drake, then spend 4 days traveling to Barulis instead of the 8 days it would take on foot. Traveling back, it takes 4 days to get from Barulis back to Montero, and then another 4 days to get from Montero to Crossroads. So via horse, it takes 16 days and 20 Drake, versus 24 days on foot.

Additionally, the Nexus may be used to travel vast distances in incredibly short periods of time. The Greshnak are willing to offer one-way travel through the Nexus to many locations for either 50 Drake, 5 Common components, 2 Uncommon components, or 1 Scarce component (per person). Additionally, the Greshnak are willing to offer one round-trip travel if they are provided 1 Rare component (per person). Greshnak may also accept other forms of payment, but there is no guarantee of success. This deal can be made during timeblocks for any of the following locations:

Barulis, Baswa, Bollen, Burcima, Caldan, Corsic, Daboran, Jast, Kirria, Krasslig, Mull, Myra, Necropolis, Nulrath, Rodbar, Sharolia, Singo, Surdonian Plains, Syrranak

Other valid locations may be discovered in-game, though they may have different costs, or require in-game actions to be made accessible.

Making a deal with the Greshnak and traveling to or from any location takes 1 day of timeblocks. For example, by offering a Greshnak 100 Drake, you may spend 1 day traveling to Barulis, and 1 day traveling back to Crossroads.

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